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Creeps in Dota: Who Are They and How to Manage Them?


Creeps are a kind of creature in Dota controlled by a computer. There are allied, enemy and neutral creeps. Allied and enemy appear at 00:00 and go towards each other along the lines from the base. Neutrals do not participate directly in battle and stand in the forest. Allied creeps will attack all enemies and neutral creeps they encounter in their path, as well as heroes and buildings.

When destroying enemy barracks, the allied forces on this line will improve to super-warriors (mega creeps), depending on which barracks are destroyed. Creeps are divided into melee, ranged and siege weapons. It is impossible to play for money at https://dotabetz.com/ if you have no idea on what Creeps are. Take this into account and learn more about Creeps.

What Kind of Creeps Will You Find in the Game?

Creeps melee has more health but cause less damage and appear in large groups. There are also creeps that are ranged, they cause more damage to other creeps, but less to the heroes. Siege weapons inflict more damage to buildings, have a large supply of health, and appear with every sixth wave. The characteristics of siege weapons do not increase during the game, and they do not improve after the destruction of the enemy barracks.

Neutral creeps are stronger and more dangerous creatures appearing in the forest. They are an alternative source of gold and experience. Some heroic abilities and items can take control of them and even use their abilities against enemies. Neutral creeps appear at 0:30, provided that there are no warriors, guards or corpses near their camp, and no hero has an overview of this area. Angry monsters leave their camp and pursue offenders for 7 seconds, then return to the camp. Neutral creeps are divided into small, medium, giant and ancient. Roshan is also considered a neutral creep.

What Is the Technique of Creeps Control?

Why do you have to kill creeps? It is the final blow that brings most of the experience and gold. Therefore, finishing off your creeps, you are very much in the way of enemy heroes to farm. And you are getting closer to your tower in this way. After all, it is much more convenient to farm when you are under the protection. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to give the enemy this very tower. It is also important to finish off enemy creeps, because if your creeps kill them, you will get less gold.

Each auto attack also brings experience. If you want to move closer to your tower, then it is advisable not to attack enemy creeps at all, but simply to finish them off. When you are closer to your tower, you can use the auto-attack already. Killing heroes also brings gold. Anyone who deals damage to a deceased hero for 15 seconds before his death will receive a portion of the reward.

If you hit the hero with the final blow, you will get bonus experience and gold. If the final blow to an enemy hero is dealt by a tower or a creep, the gold for his murder will be shared among all who participated in the battle. Follow the Creep control techniques to succeed in the game!