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How to Bet on League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know


League of Legends betting is not much different from traditional sports. But besides choosing a winner, you can also predict the time of the match, when lol bet and check who will win the First Blood or kill more enemies.

Every year the popularity of League of Legends continues to grow. Millions of people around do not play it, thanks to which the popularity of the game is consistently high. The pro scene is also progressing well. Although Worlds cannot compete with The International in terms of prize pool size, the organizers of the LoL World Championship always find creative ways to entertain fans watching the tournament.

But just watching League of Legends matches may not be enough. If you want to stir up interest in the fight or are confident in the results of the meeting, then you can put money on it. Let's deal with the main types of bets on League of Legends.

Types of Bets on League of Legends

The most common bet is on the result of the meeting. The odds are then calculated on the basis of previous matches, games against each other and the form of the participants. Usually matches in LoL go up to 2 wins, so you can bet on the winner of the meeting or choose a favorite on each card separately.

Other types of bets can be more close to the features of the game. In League of Legends, 2 teams of 5 players are fighting on a small map. The goal is to destroy the throne. Thus, you can put money on:

  • Minimum time for one card;
  • Who will make First Blood a match;
  • Even / odd number of murders;
  • Which team will destroy more towers;
  • Who will be the Worlds champion?

What Else Can You Put on the League of Legends?

There are also spread bets. In matches, you can bet that the team will win without defeat with a score of 2: 0 (-1.5) or be able to win on at least one card (+1.5). They can be won with a greater probability, especially in fights where there is a clear favorite. There are also totals. They are suitable for those who have confidence in the outcome of the fight. For example, if you are sure that the teams are equal in strength and after the first two cards the score will be 1: 1, then you can choose the "Over 2.5 cards" bet. Otherwise, you can choose "Less than 2.5 cards" if one of the teams seems to be weaker.

You can delve into the gameplay of League of Legends and make bets on smaller game moments. You can predict the winner on each map separately, on the team, which will first do 10 kills, or on the composition that will demolish the tower first.

There are also more global bets: on the winner of the tournament, league or Worlds. Success rates vary with team results. Thus, it is possible to predict - and in time to put on a large factor for a team that is capable of winning.