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How to Craft an Impressive Research Essay: Tips and Tricks


Some students think that teachers assign to write an essay with the only aim to complicate the life of students. It is completely wrong as the teacher prepares students not only for the graduation with excellent marks but also teaches skills that will be in demand throughout life. To be able to write well is, of course, important. But it is even more important to be able to reason, justify your own opinion, and also prove it in a reasoned way, because this skill is the guarantee of our successful, effective communication, and therefore, our success in life.

Useful Tips for Writing a Perfect Research Essay Paper

Has the thought "I want someone to write my essays" crossed your mind? It is not a bad idea, especially if you don't have enough time to do this on your own. However, first, you are offered to check the tips for research essay writing below:

  • Divide your essay into three main parts: an introduction, which formulates a problem or statement requiring proof; the main part of the essay, in which you give evidence or refute the idea indicated in the thesis; the final conclusion, which you came to in the course of reasoning on the topic.
  • One of the main factors for successful writing of a research essay should be a good knowledge of the topic because this is what you will write about. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to provide any argument to prove your reasoning.
  • When writing an essay, distribute volumes approximately so that the beginning and the conclusion take in the sum approximately the third part of the whole text. That is, if the essay is designed for three pages, then the volume of entry and the conclusion should not exceed half a page. Most of the work is the main part, where you prove your point of view.
  • It often happens that the most difficult thing is to start writing. If it is difficult to immediately formulate the main problem that is displayed in the thesis, then you can leave it for later. Sometimes, it's easier to discuss, summarize, and then generalize into several sentences and thus write an introduction;
  • During the discussion, do not try to use abstruse words, sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the right word. Try to write briefly crafting the draft with those words, as if you were having a conversation with a friend. How would you prove your point of view to him/her? Then, you can edit the text, removing the conversational parts and replacing them with phrases that are more appropriate.
  • Using several arguments, do not forget that they should be interrelated, like the whole text of the essay.
  • Try not to delve into details, but clearly adhere to the main topic.

When writing a research essay, provide arguments, using examples. It can be situations from life, opinions of authoritative people, scientific facts, etc. Quoting the author, do not be afraid to express your opinion. Especially, if it is different from the author's opinion. But in this case, it should be clarified why you think so, and not otherwise, simple negation will not be enough.