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How to Play Counter-Strike Well: 10 Tips for Beginners


Would you like to become a great CS player?The knowledge of the basics will help you to become not only a good player but also will help you to bet on your favorite game. If you have enough experience and want to make your hobby the one able to bring you profit, navigate to this site and kill two birds with one stone: entertain yourself and earn on CS:GO.

Tips and Tricks for Becoming the Winner in Counter-Strike

If you are a beginner and find it not as easy as ABC, check tips for playing Counter-Strike.

  1. You should know the basic CS cards such as: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_train, de_cbble, de_tuscan, de_mirage.
  2. You should know though the main weapon in CS and its properties, behavior, feedback, etc.
  3. At the beginning of each round, try to quickly buy things and don't use the auto-purchase mode (by default - F1), because you can buy something wrong, and besides the excess ammunition, if you buy in one, two rounds, for example, 100 cartridges to usp, then in the next one, you may not have enough money to purchase additional 2-3 clips for AK-47 or m4a1, and sometimes even the most basic weapons.
  4. It's better to play Counter-Strike in good headphones, try to listen to the steps and run the opponent, it's very important! Sound in CS very often can decide your fate in the game.
  5. Always use the radar and do not turn it off. It can often help you, at first you may not get it, but soon when you get the experience of the game, you will understand how helpful it can be.
  6. Do not shoot 10-20 rounds at the enemy, clamping it at a medium distance, it's better to shoot 2 rounds at a medium distance, 3 at a maximum, and better at long distances. You can pinch the enemy with a large burst only in exceptional cases, when he is very close, with the time set of experience, you will understand on your own and comprehend.
  7. Do not run around, it's advisable when you step on the opponent's side walking with a clamped key that provides a slow walk (default Shift).
  8. If you run with a knife in your hand, the speed of the model increases, if you pick up a fly (Scout), your speed will increase more noticeably. If you run with an elephant in your hand (AWP) your speed will noticeably be very low.
  9. Don't use a flashlight in Counter-Strike, it not only lights up the path, but also creates lighting around you, so the enemy will immediately understand where you are.
  10. When the enemy appears, try not to stand still and do not move along one straight line (i.e. directly). The enemy can easily get into you, especially the sniper from AWP or Scout. Try to move left and right (default keys A and D).

Hope that above-mentioned recommendations will be of use to you when playing Counter-Strike. Follow the CS tips and enjoy your victory!